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Patients Included Travel Award


With support from the conference’s title sponsor Sodexo, the Travel Award provides opportunities for patient advocates and members of patient representative organizations to attend the 2021 National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) so that they can share their learnings, build on their leadership roles and increase their advocacy opportunities and efforts. 

The following recipients were extended a Patient Travel Award to attend NHLC 2020. All recipients accepted our offer to move their award to NHLC 2021 in Montreal. 

• Ms. Adhiyat Najam from Toronto 

• Ms. Claire Snyman from Vancouver 

• Ms. Lisa Ridgway from Victoria 

• Ms. Marie-France Proulx from Ottawa

Our panel of independent patient reviewers was comprised of Mr. PJ Mierau, Dr. Robin McGee and Ms. Andrea Jamieson. This is the same panel that selected the successful recipients for NHLC 2019.

Click here for more information on the selection process. You can also view the scorecard used by reviewers here

If you are interested in the Patient Travel Award, please refer to the eligibility criteria prior to completing and submitting the application form to ensure that you qualify for the award.

Patient applicants must: 
• Be involved in patient advocacy or belong to a not-for-profit, patient representative organization 
• Would otherwise not have the financial means and support to travel to this conference or are not able to bill travel to their or another organization to offset the costs of participation


Requests for a Travel Award must contain: 
• A brief summary of interests and accomplishments 
• A description of anticipated benefits from attending NHLC 2020

Also include in Requests for a Travel Award, if applicable:
• Have patient advocacy experience and activities 
• Have previously received a NHLC Travel Award 
• Willing to communicate about the conference (e.g., twitter, podcast, blog, involvement in the community)

Please indicate your estimated expenses, including the following:
• Airfare, train, bus or private vehicle 
• Hotel accommodation 
• Taxis and/or parking 
• Patient-related expenses, such as a fridge for meds, accessibility requirements, dietary restrictions

The maximum allowable Travel Award is $1,500. Award recipients must provide the NHLC Secretariat with their actual travel costs, supported with original receipts. NHLC may be unable to fund all applications for travel awards based on the number of applications submitted. All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of patient representatives, members of the conference Program and Planning Committee and the host organizations – the Canadian College of Health Leaders and HealthCareCAN

For further information please contact Colleen Galasso or Jonathan Mitchell

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