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Accelerating productivity and collaboration 

Given our theme for NHLC 2020, “Adaptive Leadership in complex times”, this presentation has been custom-designed to align with the learning outcomes necessary to work smarter in disruptive and complex environments. 


You are always looking for ways to work smarter.  Information bombardment is the single most damaging threat to productivity. It doesn’t have to be this way. Why not transform this threat into a sustainable competitive advantage for you and your organization? During this enlightening and action-packed presentation, you will learn how to: 


•             cope with information bombardment 

•             improve your ability to manage change 

•             lift productivity and efficiency 

•             speed up innovation through collaboration  

•             achieve industry leading competitiveness  

•             determine what leadership actions you can take tomorrow 


Ranked among the Top 30 management gurus world-wide, Dr. Nick Bontis is recognized by the former Editor of Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine as "a pioneer and one of the world's real experts in intellectual capital."  Considered Canada's Nobel-prize of teaching, he is a 3M National Teaching Fellow.  

Nick Bontis.jpg

Dr. Nick Bontis, Ph.D. 

Award-winning professor of Strategic Management, McMaster University  

Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research  

3M National Teaching Fellow 

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