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Integrated nursing sensitive patient outcomes into the acute care electronic health record

Health PEI integrated the Canadian Health Outcomes for Better Information and Care (CHOBIC) into admission and discharge assessments in acute care. These standardized measurable patient outcomes were implemented to improve documentation, care planning for patients and demonstrate nursing’s role in improving patient outcomes. Building partnerships, a commitment to patient centeredness and mobilizing knowledge of participants along with effective and frequent communication between Patient Advisors (integral to the project), Nursing Leaders and project Implementation Teams was imperative to project success. The presentation will describe CHOBIC, how the project was implemented, the nursing sensitive measurable patient outcomes in acute care, provincial implementation, plans for ongoing support , and lessons learned regarding the value of knowing what is important to patients, the leveraging of the electronic health record as well as patient and unit workflow. 



Marion Dowling – Chief Nursing & Professional Practice Officer, Health PEI 

Dorothy Dewar – Nursing Research Lead, Health PEI 

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