Leadership, engagement, collaboration and change

If health care organizations and systems are going to transform their ways of working, it will be important to ensure employees are at the center of change (Lessons Learned, Conclusion, Changes). Participants will (1) recognize the importance of and (2) leave with ideas about how to encourage distributed leadership, engagement, and collaboration in change initiatives (Learning Objectives). We will examine three common change models to see how they do (not) support distributed leadership, expert engagement, and collaboration. We will also examine two change initiatives to identify how the three concepts were achieved in practice (Activity). The oral session will help participants a) navigate and address limitations of popular change models, b) unpack middle and frontline managers’ and employees’ underappreciated role in change, and c) leave with an understanding of how to create supportive spaces to encourage leadership, engagement, and collaboration in support of change. 



Jo-Louise Huq – Consultant, Researcher, Educator, CCIG / Collaborative Change and Innovation Group 

Kathryn York – Founding Partner, CCIG / Collaborative Change and Innovation Group