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Innovation in the model of home care is improving patient experience and bringing system value

Southlake is one of the most overcrowded hospitals in Ontario. Before Southlake@home, complex seniors requiring homecare waited on average 14.2 ALC days. Once home, patients/families experienced challenges with coordination, duplicate assessments, poor information flow from acute care and limited integration with primary care. Southlake@home is a transformation, eliminating non-value steps and addressing the Quadruple Aim. Innovations include: an intersectoral team, care planning with the patient/family, warm hand offs, flexible patient enrollment, daily intersectoral rounds, full scope of practice, and 24/7 on-call support. We have gained many insights that are contextually relevant to the existing health care transformation being proposed by the MOH. Participants will hear about our results, collaborative partnerships, moving to value-based homecare, our neighbourhood model, and ensuring meaningful engagement of patients/families. 



Helene Lacroix – VP Clinical Innovation, SE Health 

Janet Daglish – National Director, Business Development & Government Relations Bayshore HealthCare  

Gayle Seddon – Director, Community Programs and Partnerships, Southlake Regional Health Centre 

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