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Cybersecurity for the digitized world: Building cyber resilience in healthcare

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and demand for smart technology in an increasingly ‘connected’ world is a contributor to the expanding cybersecurity threat footprint. Across all industries there is a rise in smart devices. As buildings become more connected, they produce huge amounts of data susceptible to cyber attacks. A large percentage of companies – including hospitals – expect cyber risks to increase in the short to medium term. If organizations are to better protect themselves in the rapidly evolving threat landscape brought about by digitization, the need for education and action is here. In this session, Honeywell will explore:
•    Looking beyond standard IT and defining the importance of protecting Operational Technology (OT) like building automation systems 
•    OT risks and why we should care 
•    Enabling decision makers to pinpoint practical steps toward enhanced resilience and reduce risk in healthcare environments



Mirel Sehic – Global Director, Cybersecurity, Honeywell 

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