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Putting leadership frameworks to work: an international perspective

This panel, comprised of individuals who are active in using leadership frameworks to improve health leadership across the globe, will provide an overview of activities being undertaken internationally to use such frameworks for leadership development, succession planning, certification of health leaders, and health system change. The research underpinning the importance of such frameworks, the value of them in terms of catalyzing national leadership talent management efforts and lessons learned from their efforts to use such frameworks in a culturally sensitive way will be discussed. Dr. Dickson will outline the use of LEADS in a Caring Environment in Canada and Belgium, with reference to other international jurisdictions that are exploring its use. Dr. Dickson will provide examples of leading practices in Canada and Belgium as to how LEADS is being used to create psychologically healthy workplaces, improve patient quality and safety, and generate innovation and change. Dr. Fong, who was involved in the creation of Health LEADS Australia, will provide an overview of how it is being used in that country. He will also outline how the Australasian College of Health Managers is spearheading the development of an international leadership framework in collaboration with other countries and how his organization is utilizing it for certification purposes in Australia and South east Asia. Dr. Garg will outline how the Canadian LEADS framework aligns well with Vedic culture from India, and the efforts he is undertaking through the Canada India Network Society, to build partnerships to use LEADS on the Indian subcontinent. The session will provide opportunities for participants to see the value in such frameworks; understand their potential uses; and explore the cultural nuances needed to be addressed for such frameworks to be universally adopted. A dialogue with participants will conclude the session. 



Dr. Arun Garg – Clinical Professor, Pathology, UBC

Denis Herbaux – CEO, PAQS-ASBL

Mathieu Louiset – Head of Improvement Services, PAQS-ASBL

Dr. Neale Fong – President, Australasian Health Leadership and Management Association



Graham Dickson – Professor Emeritus, Royal Roads University

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