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Practical Habits for Wellness, Connection & Adaptability in Our Ever-Changing World

As Canadian Leaders in Healthcare, you know that we can’t just tell someone to quit smoking, exercise more or eat better; we must motivate them towards change. Likewise, we must motivate our teams, families and ourselves to practice and develop the positive habits needed for wellness, connection and adaptability in our stressful, ever-changing world.  

In this interactive presentation, Dr. Shimi Kang will provide the science & secrets of behaviour change and motivation to help you & your teams develop practical habits in the areas of: 

  • Mental health and resilience including tools for anxiety, irritability & distraction. 

  • Social connection and collaboration, including how best to connect, collaborate & inspire diverse groups from often different perspectives. 

  • Adaptability & innovation practices that tap into our innate creativity to solve new & unexpected problems. 


Dr. Shimi Kang

Award-Winning Harvard-Trained Physician | Bestselling Author | Global Social Entrepreneur

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