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Resilience in Teams & Organizations: Key Behaviours for Healthcare Leaders

The recent COVID pandemic has magnified the chronic stressors that healthcare professionals deal with, which can lead to burnout. This talk argues that leaders have the ability to influence and impact their team’s and organization’s resilience through their words and actions. But in order to do that, leaders have to build and maintain their own self-resilience first. 


Drawing on the latest research and compelling case studies based on his executive coaching experience, Dr. Kaissi will propose a practical model of resilience that he uses with his clients. This evidence-based model focuses on the importance of realistic optimism, compassion and gratitude. Supported by real-life case studies and interviews, this talk is based on the speaker’s book: “Humbitious: The Power of Low-Ego, High-Drive Leadership” that was published in January of 2022, and focuses on tangible take-home behaviors that leaders can implement right away. 


Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify key leadership attributes that enable resilience for themselves, their teams and their organization.

  • Assess and rate personal and team behaviors for effectiveness.

  • Discover strategies to overcome ineffective behaviors that can hinder success.

  • Develop a short-term action plan to prevent burnout and increase resilience; and drive change & best practices throughout the organization.

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Dr. Amer Kaissi

Award winning Professor of Healthcare Administration at Trinity University, a Top-15 program. 

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