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Great Canadian Health Policy Dialogue: Canada’s national health workforce crisis

The Great Canadian Health Policy Dialogue – the National Health Leadership Conference’s signature annual plenary session aimed at driving political action on key health issues – will begin with expert panelists discussing the global workforce crisis and its implications for patients, leaders, and providers. New this year, NHLC delegates will break into small groups to formulate policy solutions that respond to issues raised in the policy dialogue. 

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Rosemary Barton

Host of the CBC’s At Issue panel


M. Britnell.png
Kyeremanteng (headshot).jpg

Dr. Mark Britnell

Global expert on healthcare systems and Vice-Chair of KPMG


Chantal Hébert

Renowned Canadian political commentator and columnist


Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Palliative care physician and head of critical care at The Ottawa Hospital and leader of the “Solving Healthcare Podcast”


Maryann Murray

Former Co-chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, and champion for patient safety in healthcare


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