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11. Healthcare Excellence Canada’s pandemic recovery and resilience self-assessment & toolkit: An interactive session on lessons learned and the path forward

Learning objectives:

After attending the session, participants will be able to:

1.    Utilize HEC’s Pandemic Recovery & Resilience Self-Assessment and Toolkit (PPR) to support health systems transformation

2.    Understand how learnings from the pandemic and innovative tools can inform their organization’s approach to system sustainability in a post-pandemic context


Activities/Methods/Innovations:  The session will be a panel presentation of the self-assessment and toolkit and lessons learned from its use. 

Outcomes/results:  Participants will gain insights and lessons learned from health leaders across Canada during the pandemic and be introduced to HEC’s PR&R toolkit and self-assessment that supports uptake of these insights and innovations. 


Participants will have a deeper understanding of nine key theme areas (People in the Workforce/Health Human Resources, Equity in Population Health, Care of Older Adults, Virtual Care, Patient Partnerships and Engagement, Backlog of Services, Regional System Integration, Ongoing Pandemic Response and Managing Surge Capacity, and Mental Health and Substance Use) in planning for system change as we emerge from the pandemic. 


Participants will be aware of how HEC can help advance five of these priority areas: People in the Workforce/HHR, Equity in Population Health, Care of Older Adults, Virtual Care, and Patient Partnership and Engagement. 


Conclusion: Participants will achieve greater awareness and understanding of HEC’s Pandemic Recovery & Resilience self-assessment and toolkit  This session will support the development of a coalition of pan-Canadian health leaders engaged in ongoing learning opportunities and dialogue towards transformation and a more resilient system.


Leadership lessons learned:  Leaders will gain an enhanced appreciation of the need and opportunities for sharing and coordination of policy reform changes with a coalition of connected partners within their jurisdiction and with other provinces and territories.  Leaders will learn about a systematic and integrated approaches for considering policy and practice changes.


System change: Underpinning HEC’s approach is a commitment to co-design in partnership with healthcare leadership, providers, patients, essential care partners, First Nations, Métis and Inuit, and those with lived experience to improve greater equity of access to high quality and safe healthcare for all those who live in Canada.



Jennifer Zelmer - President and CEO, Healthcare Excellence Canada



Brenda Badiuk - Chief Operating Officer, Seven Oaks Hospital

Martin Beaumont - President and CEO, Québec-Université Laval CHU

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