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NHLC 2019

Healthcare innovation: Advancing better outcomes and economic growth


NHLC 2019's theme was Healthcare innovation: Advancing better outcomes and economic growth.

Health leaders examined how they should prepare for a new technologically advanced and evolving medical landscape amid disruptive innovation and informed by artificial intelligence.

Key issues examined included:

·       Healthcare organizations of the future and smart healthcare centres – What can leaders do to rethink the status quo? What will hospitals look like in the future? How can leaders envision a future where hospitals integrate seamlessly with home healthcare? How can leaders adapt to the use of remote sensing capabilities, smart devices for monitoring health, and cloud data?

·       Big data and predictive analytics – How can big data assist in predicting a patient’s health? How can this be done efficiently while addressing privacy concerns?

·       Cybersecurity threats and patient safety risks – How should leaders prepare for threats to patient safety and privacy in a new digitized and networked landscape?

·       Measuring for improvement using leadership metrics and performance measures – How can we challenge and improve the leadership status quo by harnessing data? How do we ensure that progress is continually being made and future technologies are being adapted?

·       The role of healthcare organizations as economic drivers – How can healthcare drive the economy? How can innovation in the healthcare system be seen as an economic driving force? How should industry and government work together to push for improved population health outcomes?

·       Personalized medicine – How can health leaders facilitate the shift to more targeted interventions and better outcomes for patients based on their unique physiology?

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