The development of a “National Affordable and Supportive Housing Strategy for Seniors,” focused on the provision of supportive, community (whether assisted, congregate, long-term care or home) living, emerged as the top priority of voters following the third iteration of the Great Canadian Health Care Debate held in conjunction with the National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, June 12-13.

Emerging as this year’s top priority, with the support of 53% of health leaders, was the resolution sponsored by Amy Porteous, Vice President of Public Affairs, Planning and Family Medicine at Bruyère Continuing Care, urging ministries of health, infrastructure communities to move with a strategy to de-hospitalize the existing system.

The first runner up, with 28% of the vote following the debate, was a resolution sponsored by Carol Fancott, Director of Patient Engagement at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, which urged hospitals to jettison visiting hours and allow family members to become involved in overseeing the treatment of their loved ones. The second runner up (19% of the vote) was a resolution sponsored by Mimi Lowe-Young, former CEO of the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada and current Health Systems Policy and Governance Advisor, which urged the development of a national dementia action plan by 2019.

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We are very pleased to present to you the issue briefs for the top 6 motions going forward to the 2017 Great Canadian Healthcare Debate! These 6 issue briefs are the result of a process that began in late 2016 when the Call for Motions for the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate was issued.  In all, more than 30 motions were considered. The Policy Resolution Committee*, whose mandate is to oversee the process and to recommend the top motions that go forward, had the challenging task of identifying the top motions using the criteria significance, impact, interest and ability to action. The process resulted in a list of the top 10 motions, each of which is a strong motion that identifies an important issue in our healthcare system today.  You will find them listed in the back of this booklet. Congratulations to each of the top 10 motion sponsors!

* 2017 Policy Resolution Committee – Mr. Tony Dagnone, FCCHL, FACHE (Chair); Dr. Brendan Carr, CHE; Mr. Patrick Dumelie, Ms. Tracy Kitch; Mr. Greg Lawrie, CHE; Dr. Bernard Leduc; Ms. Sharon Nettleton; Ms. Wendy Nicklin, CHE, FACHE; Ms. Jennifer Pougnet, CHE; Ms. Chris Power, CHE; Mr. Michael Redenbach and Ms. Jennifer Verma.

NHLC: Mr. Ray Racette, CHE; Mr. Bill Tholl



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