2016 Great Canadian Healthcare Debate

2016 Debate Results

In 2016, conference delegates voted on three very interesting and important motions to be debated; Indigenous Health Truth and Reconciliation Commission Health-Related Recommendations, Public Reporting of the 15 Never Events and Adopting Key Recommendations from the Report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation. After an exciting presentation and debate of the motions, delegates determined overwhelmingly that the motion on Indigenous Health was their number one priority with 74% of the vote!

Issue Briefs for the top five motions of the 2016 Great Canadian Healthcare Debate can be found here.

We are very pleased to present to you the issue briefs for the top 5 motions going forward to the second Great Canadian Healthcare Debate! These 5 issue briefs are the result of a process that began in late 2015 when the Call for Motions for the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate was issued. Almost 40 motions were received in response to the Call for Motions. Tony Dagnone, FCCHL, FACHE, has once again led the distinguished Policy Resolution Committee through a careful assessment of the motions and identified those with the greatest potential to transform service delivery, impact the population or system performance, generate public interest and be actionable by health leaders. The Policy Resolution Committee identified the top 10 motions using the criteria of significance, impact, interest and actionability. This year, conference delegates who registered by the early-bird deadline helped to select the top 5 motions by telling us their priorities in an online survey.

The top 5 motions and their issue briefs can be found here.

On Monday, June 6th, after the day’s closing plenary at 17:00, delegates will be given another important opportunity to engage in this year’s Debate. They will be asked to vote to select the three motions that will be debated. Delegates’ votes will set the stage for an exciting morning plenary on Tuesday, June 7, when the sponsors of the top 3 motions will make the case for why their motion is the number one priority! Mr. Jeffrey Simpson, the Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist and author of Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health Care System Needs to be Dragged into the 21st Century, will be moderating the Debate again in 2016. Mr. Simpson’s moderating skills and knowledge of the health sector is sure to lend an exciting flavour to the Debate. So, come prepared to debate and make this a dynamic discussion! You have the opportunity to make your voice heard!  Read these issue briefs carefully; each sets out very thorough information about an important issue that health leaders are facing today. Be ready to debate and inform your vote!

Read the press release here!


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