The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate

Healthcare leaders are facing an unprecedented set of challenges. The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate offers health leaders a unique opportunity to debate and advance policy resolutions that reflect the current Canadian health system context and address the most pressing issues facing the healthcare system and health leaders today.

HealthCareCAN and the Canadian College of Health Leaders are delighted to host the fourth annual Great Canadian Healthcare Debate.

Building on the success of the past three years, the 2018 debate will be an opportunity to update on our progress on the past motions: mental health, Indigenous health and seniors. 

To inspire us for next week’s debate, we asked our original motion sponsors to describe the progress that has been made on their issue since their motion was selected as the top motion.  More importantly, we asked them to highlight what opportunities still exist and, in their opinion, what should we collectively focus on going forward.

Here are their views:

Louise Bradley
President and CEO
Mental Health Commission of Canada
Report card on mental health care in Canada: needs improvement

Dr. Alika Lafontaine
Anesthesiologist and Past-President of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada
Canada must maintain momentum for Indigenous health

Amy Porteous
Vice President, Public Affairs, Planning and Family Medicine
Bruyère Continuing Care
Home is where the heart is and where health care needs to be

On June 4th (day one of the conference), delegates will vote to identify the motions that move to The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate. On June 5th, sponsors of the top motions will take part in a lively debate that provides an opportunity for conference delegates to contribute to the discussion and provide their advice on the path forward.

The co-presenters of the National Health Leadership Conference are committed to ensuring that priority motions adopted at The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate move forward. Join us at The Great Canadian Healthcare Debate where you can participate in this unique opportunity to debate and advance priority policy resolutions!

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