Study Tour

Sunday, June 11

07:15 – 09:15

Tour of InSite – Vancouver Coastal Health

In light of the prominent opioid crisis affecting the country, NHLC is happy to provide a tour of Vancouver’s supervised injection site.

Established September 21, 2003, it is the first of such facilities in North America and since has gained much attention from parties seeking to establish similar facilities locally and globally. InSite’s practice is to provide a safe environment for users and connect them to immediate addiction, health care and community services. It is part of a ‘continuum of care’ for people with addiction, mental illness and HIV/AIDS benefiting both participants and the community by: connecting participants to programs, limiting spread of disease, reducing harm, preventing overdoses, increasing public order and cost effectiveness though preventative measures . During your tour you will see that InSite is comprised of a 12 seat injection room and post injection room, all supervised by nurses and trained staff. Staff do not only supervise, but connect and refer participants to other services, such as Onsite, a detox and treatment programs. In the injection rooms, you will notice that users also have access to clean injection equipment at this facility.

The cost of the tour is $50.00 + GST. The tour is limited to 25 participants. Please note that this tour is offered so early as it must be completed prior to opening to the public.


Sunday, June 11

12:45 – 15:30

BC Cancer Agency – Vancouver Centre

As part of this tour you will visit the Radiation Therapy Program, PET CT Scan, Ambulatory Care, and the Cyclotron where BCCA creates the radioisotopes necessary for the PET CT Scanner imaging.

You will visit the BC Cancer Agency’s Vancouver Centre which has provincial responsibility for cancer care for the province.  The BC Cancer Agency includes six cancer centres that deliver chemotherapy and radiation therapy and 33 Community Oncology Network clinics that provide chemotherapy and follow-up closer to home in each of the BC Health Authorities.  As part of this tour, you will visit Radiation Therapy, PET CT Scan, ambulatory care and the cyclotron.  BC Cancer Agency is committed to ensuring that patients and families receive the best experience possible care despite the circumstances of having cancer.  You will see how innovative BCCA is with ensuring that patients receive safe, quality physical care as well as significant emotional support.  All of our staff are specifically trained to assist patients with emotional support and offer services that patients/families are able to access to improve their emotional well-being.

This tour is limited to 30 participants and the cost to participate is $50.00 + GST, including transportation.


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