plenary – the Future of Health in a Digital (and Exponential) World



“Medicine will change more in the next 10 years, than it did in the last 100.” Why is this statement by futurist Vivek Wadhwa truer than ever, and how can Canada be a leader instead of a laggard in this transformation?

The base assumptions upon which medicine was designed centuries ago, and upon which health systems were built, are largely no longer valid nor relevant. Like every other global core system that is emerging from the industrial age to the information age, health and healthcare are rebasing. The Future of Health is a shift from a legacy (current) paradigm centered around “the system”, to a paradigm centered around the “citizen” (or user, patient, consumer, taxpayer, employee…).

In her presentation, Dr. Khayat will outline the major forces that are (finally) tipping health systems in Canada and around the world towards the Future of Health. She will work through the six underlying shifts that are at play, and highlight how and where digital tools are enabling and, in some cases, accelerating these shifts. She will conclude with lessons learned about the barriers to realizing the Future of Health in a digital world, and reflect on Canada’s potential to lead – instead of follow- the digital transformation, drawing inspiration from the work of courageous health leaders in Canada and globally.

The session will wrap up with Zayna moderating a fireside chat with a patient-preneur and a doc-preneur who are embracing the mindset of “digital first, physical next” to creatively destroy our legacy analog, linear, hierarchical and centralized healthcare paradigm.

Dr. Zayna Khayat – Future Strategist, Saint Elizabeth
Dr. Robin McGee – Registered Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Sean Connors – Clinical Chief of Cardiology, Eastern Health



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