Leading in Times of Transformation: Mobilizing Integrated People-Centred Care

Effective integration requires leaders to organize and manage across sectors and organizational boundaries, so people receive coordinated and comprehensive care at the right time, by the right provider, in the right place.  However, there is no-one-size-fits-all approach. So how do leaders tackle integration? What is the first step? Who needs to be involved?

Join this invigorating breakfast session on how transforming systems requires unleashing the power of people who bring integrated care to life. Learn how system leaders are adopting the HSO 76000:2020, Integrated People-Centred Health Systems (IPCHS) standard to ground their transformation in an innovative framework that embeds partnering with people throughout their integration journey.

Leave feeling empowered to start or continue your organizations transformational journey towards integrated, people-centred care to improve quality and outcomes for all.

To register for this session please email communications@healthstandards.org.

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