A Pan-Canadian Perspective on Actioning Integrated, People-Centered Health and Social Services

The health needs of Canadians are being influenced by trends in aging, a growing population, urbanization, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. With the rise of chronic conditions, noncommunicable diseases, mental health needs and multi-morbidities, health and social service providers are struggling to work together to effectively and efficiently deliver quality care and achieve positive outcomes. Administrators, providers and policy makers from across Canada and around the world are looking to link social services and health systems around the patient journey.

Join Leslee Thompson, CEO of Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization (HSO), and other health leaders in an engaging discussion around what those in Canada and abroad are doing to design, and be a part of, integrated people-centred health and social services systems.

Space is limited. RSVP: nhlc@accreditation.ca

Leslee Thompson, CEO, Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization (HSO)
And guests

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