Innovative Procurement: Cardiac Services and Beyond

Southlake has a history of fostering innovation and was eager to embark on an innovative process to create value through innovation procurement. Traditional RFPs require proponents to provide narrow responses to tightly crafted specifications, which may deliver quality products at good prices but rarely result in transformation. By adopting an innovative Value Based procurement process including collaborative competitive dialogue Southlake created healthcare value by:
• Placing emphasis on overall system value
• Engaging in problem solving and co-creation with suppliers
• Supporting the attainment of better health outcomes, improve system performance, and patient experience

During this breakfast session, Southlake will share the Value Based Procurement Model they developed which provides exceptional value and is scalable to other organizations.

To register, click here.

Presented by:
Southlake Regional Health Centre


Helena Hutton, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Programs, Southlake Regional Health Centre and Regional Vice President, Central Cancer Program
Robert Bull, Vice President, Finance, Technology & Innovation and Chief Financial Officer & Chief Information Officer
Janice Allen, Director, Regional Cardiac Care Program

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