Health in 2040: 10 archetypes that could define the future of health

Deloitte predicts that twenty years from now, the health care system that we know today will look completely different. This transformation is already underway, with health care consumers starting to demand greater transparency, accessibility, and personalization. We don’t expect to have eliminated disease entirely by 2040, but by using actionable health insights driven (with tools such as interoperable data and smart AI), we should be able to identify illness early and intervene much more quickly. This can pave the way for a future focused more on well-being rather than treatment. Largely replacing the traditional industry segments we have now (health systems and clinicians, health plans, biopharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers) we expect new roles, functions, and players will emerge. Join us as we explore what this might look like.

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Lisa Purdy, Partner & National Leader, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Deloitte Canada

Arden Krystal, President & CEO at Southlake Regional Health Centre

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