5 goals, 13 objectives & 28 outcomes that will save lives! Breakfast session serves up actions to guide quality and patient safety improvement

Unintended patient harm occurs every 1 minute and 18 seconds throughout our healthcare system, resulting in a death every 13 minutes and 14 seconds. Come and hear how two of Canada’s most powerful heath leaders are driving change through collective action.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Health Standards Organization CEOs, Chris Power and Leslee Thompson, have spearheaded the development of the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework. Join us to learn how the #qualitypatientsafety Framework will improve care for ALL people in Canada.

To register for this session please email Barbara LeFort, blefort@cpsi-icsp.ca.


Chris Power, CHE – CEO, CPSI
Leslee Thomspon – CEO, HSO

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