Does Canada Have the Health Leadership Capacity We Need to Innovate?

Good leadership is often taken for granted. However, with Canada’s declining relative performance and fragmented innovation efforts, new approaches to leadership and leadership development are vital: old ways won’t work. Growing leadership capacity is a strategic and operational priority but only in keeping with two related demands: creating healthy workplaces; and generating people-centred reform. An evidence-informed approach, tailored to each jurisdiction but tied together nationally, is desired. Also, given that women constitute over 80% of health workers, and the need to engage Indigenous peoples in health reform, we must better understand why both are under-represented in leadership positions. To address these issues, CHLNet will release its second Benchmarking Study on leadership gaps and the diversity imbalance in leadership and unveil a new approach.

Please RSVP to Melanie Abdelnour, to attend this session.


Chris Power, CHE – CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Kathy MacNeil – President and CEO, Island Health
Dr. Gillian Kernaghan – President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London
Dr. Ivy Bourgeault – Professor, University of Ottawa
Kelly Grimes – Executive Director, Canadian Health Leadership Network
Dr. Graham Dickson – Senior Research Advisor, Canadian Health Leadership Network
Bill Tholl – Senior Policy Advisor, Canadian Health Leadership Network

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