Healthcare management forum: 40 years of leaders as change agents

Flexible, adaptive leaders have a toolbox of trusted resources to help inspire their staff to thrive in challenging environments. Healthcare Management Forum (HMF), the peer-reviewed journal of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, has been one such influential resource for 40 years. Take a look back at the journal’s first articles, and walk through its evolution to an evidence-informed publication with multidisciplinary authors from all over the world, more than 250 peer reviewers, and an acceptance rate close to 50%. Hear about how you can write an article that people will want to read, view a sample of the most recent articles contributing to adaptive leadership, and hear what members had to say about HMF in the 2020 readership survey.

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Don Juzwishin, FCCHL – Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Management Forum
Ron Lindstrom, FCCHL – Former Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare Management Forum


Presented by: CCHL



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