9. Systems Improvement (French Orals)

Physician Driven Innovations in Business Intelligence              

Business Intelligence (BI) is at the forefront of innovation of ways to improve patient care. In a climate of financial restraint, hospitals need to be able to innovate within their budget. Through creativity, Montfort used readily available programs within Microsoft Office 365 to develop tools to improve patient care. We developed engaging and compelling BI for physicians to monitor their resource utilization management. It allows physicians to identify potential areas of improvement and provides the opportunity to measure compliance to recommendations such as Choosing Wisely Initiatives. This initiative led to significant reduction of specific laboratory tests. Empowering physicians with their own data has proven to be an effective way of getting results. A key factor in making this initiative work is providing physicians with their own performance data to influence clinical behavior in a way that is aligned with best practices.

Guy Moreau – Hôpital Montfort 



Strategic Room…a strategic move! (Salle de pilotage stratégique….un choix stratégique)

Montfort developped a unique approach linking Evidence-based Leadership; LEAN and Catalysis (Thedacare) methodologies, to create a Montfort Toolkit, for leaders to drive strategy. The emphasis of the presentation is to highlight the results achieved from this focused work along with specific tactics, strategies and tools used to achieve those results more specifically, the use of a strategic room for the Senior Leadership Team.

Learning Objectives: 1. Explain how Montfort merged the different tools into one toolkit; 2. Demonstrate how to conduct a strategic room session.

The target audience would be CEOs and senior leaders, however Organizational Development personnel or Lean agents may be interested as well. Presentation level will be introductory as we anticipate that not many organizations will have previous knowledge or experience.


Lise Vaillancourt – Hôpital Montfort
Bernard Leduc – Hôpital Montfort



From performance management to capacity building for health system transformation: Embracing relational work 

Performance management tools (PMT) have become increasingly widespread in efforts to improve public healthcare system performance. However, numerous studies have shown that PMT tend to produce unintended effects and off-target performance results. Our research aims to better understand how relational work between healthcare managers contributes to the adaptation of PMTs and fosters better strategic alignment between decision, vision and outcome. We are conducting organizational ethnographic case studies in two integrated health and social services centres in Quebec, to answer this question. Preliminary results show that relational work triggers the development of new structural, conceptual and operational capacities that allow managers to locally adapt PMTs. This study brings new knowledge on how healthcare leaders can capitalize on relationships to develop capacities for the continuous adaptation and improvement of healthcare systems.


Élizabeth Côté-Boileau – Université de Sherbrooke



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