7. Becoming a learning health care system: the strategy for a health network in New Brunswick (Panel)

The Vitalité Health Network (VHN) is one of two regional health authorities that deliver and manage health care and services in New Brunswick. The VHN has set itself the strategic objective of transforming the health care system by becoming a learning organization. The purpose of this presentation is to describe to you the strategy by which the VHN intends to achieve that objective, namely through a change in the organizational culture and by implementing an innovative approach to solving significant problems with the system. Interventions began in November 2018 with a series of meetings with patients, senior management, medical and clinical leaders, and health care teams, in order to share the organization’s new vision and to get them involved in the development of the proposed approach. The consultation process itself has led to a noticeable change within the organization, through everyone’s commitment to the proposed vision.


Ms. Brigitte Sonier Ferguson – Vitalité Health Network

Dr. France Desrosiers – Vitalité Health Network

Mrs. Karen McGrath – Horizon Health Network


Mr. Gilles Lanteigne – Vitalité Health Network


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