6. Healthcare organizations of the future and smart healthcare centres (Orals)

Virtual Care – Bringing healthcare to the home 

NSHA Virtual Care conducted a pilot using Medeo, a videoconferencing platform, to connect patients with their health care provider (HCP). The objectives of this pilot were to determine if Medeo was a viable solution, improve access, and advance health care. Ten HCPs used Medeo over a 5-month period. Data was collected using surveys, collection forms, and check-ins with HCPs. HCPs and patients generally expressed satisfaction with the technology. For patients, 87% strongly agreed/agreed that “overall I was satisfied with my virtual visit”. Check-ins with HCPs to discuss their issues with the technology were not used effectively. More communication around purpose/benefit of these discussions was required. The pilot allowed for a provincial-wide implementation of Medeo on a temporary basis. The project engaged others and brought multiple stakeholder together to develop processes, and implement technology that can advance health care delivery.


Krista Anderson – Nova Scotia Health Authority

Cathy Cruz – Nova Scotia Health Authority


Why some patients who need an alternate level of care don’t get it, and what we can do

ALC remains a problem impeding patient outcomes and hampering economic growth through wasted resources. This case study of reviews of six Canadian hospitals will show four underlying but seldom discussed issues that have potential, if addressed, to optimize hospital and homecare utilization and reduce waste. Leaders will learn about these issues: gaps in home and community supports leading up to hospitalization; a lack of clarity on these patients’ potential for independence once back in the community; deconditioning of patients while in hospital; and hospital staffs’ lack of visibility and awareness of availability of home care resources to optimize success once back in the community. Reviewers’ recommendations to the six hospitals reduced ALC patients by 35-50%. Potential solutions, amenable to local customization and potentially saving the healthcare system millions, will be offered from a systems-thinking perspective.


Paul Holyoke – Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Hélène LaCroix – Saint Elizabeth Health Care




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