5. Leadership actions and behaviours for people-centred care: The people-centred care leadership bundle (Panel)

BACKGROUND: Much literature highlights the need for strong, capable leadership to foster meaningful partnerships with patients, families, and communities. Healthcare organizations are focused on creating change that improves outcomes, experiences and care quality for all people. To create change in our health system, leaders must themselves take action and change behaviour to drive cultures of people-centred care (PCC). Based on the LEADS framework, the panelists have developed a bundle of leadership actions and behaviours that are required to profoundly and collaboratively influence people-centred care and the experiences and outcomes of patients and families in our health system across Canada.


  • Apply the LEADS Framework to People-Centred Care by articulating leadership actions and behaviours that foster PCC culture and practice, in the form of the People-Centred Care Leadership Bundle (hereafter referred to as the PCCL Bundle).
  • Explore the role of leaders in creating engaging environments that are collaborative, equitable and culturally responsive, with an emphasis on partnership with indigenous people.
  • Discuss the PCCL Bundle and its application for health leaders across Canada.
  • Share ideas about what is needed to support leaders to develop their capacity in PCC Leadership.
  • Learn about the national pilot study being undertaken to test the capabilities framework in practice.


The panelists will share the PCCL Bundle, how it was developed using the LEADS Framework, and why they believe it will support leaders across Canada to drive people-centred care forward. This includes its application to diversity, equity and cultural responsiveness. They will discuss the national pilot study being undertaken to test the use of the bundle in practice and to gather information from leaders about what capacity-building resources and tools are further required.

SHARING: The panelists will share their own personal and professional experiences with people-centred care leadership and how they create engaging environments, shared power and decision-making and meaningful partnership with patients, families, and communities. They will discuss their motivation for collaboratively developing this bundle.

DISCUSSION: The panelists will engage the audience in a conversation, including short break-out discussions, about the PCCL Bundle and its utility for capacity-building amongst health leaders. They will lead a discussion of what more is needed to support leaders moving forward.

OUTCOMES AND RESULTS Strong, committed leaders must be at the forefront of creating a people-centred health system. At the end of this session, participants will come away with a set of clear leadership actions and behaviours that are needed to advance people-centred care in their organization. They will learn about the pilot study under way and also have a chance to share their own perspectives on people-centred leadership and their own professional development needs.


Cathy Cole – Saskatchewan Health Authority

Brenda Andreas – Saskatchewan Health Authority

Jessica Schierbeck – HealthCareCAN

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