32. Health organizations of the future and smart healthcare centres (Orals)

Remote Obstructive Sleep Apnea (ROSA) Monitoring: Providing an Innovative Solution to the Challenges of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Surgical Patients

This presentation illustrates the benefits and challenges in the development of an in-house remote monitoring program for OSA in post-operative adult surgical patients. The overall goal was to use innovative technology to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes in post-operative surgical clients with known or suspected OSA while enhancing patient flow and reduction of 1:1 nursing resources. Innovative use of ROSA monitoring has enabled any inpatient surgical bed to become a monitored bed for patients under the program. There have been significant improvements in patient flow and appropriate resource utilization since the implementation of ROSA monitoring. Other benefits include nurses’ enhanced respiratory assessment skills leading to early identification and treatment of complex respiratory issues. This entire process has resulted in building coalitions and increased collaboration among the key stakeholders.


Joanne M Peddle – Eastern Health

Pauline Taite – Eastern Health



A Smart Touch to Patient Registration

Mackenzie Health’s unique approach to launching self- serve kiosks in a health care setting guarantees a quick and easy appointment check in, every patient, every time. People and technology have been harmonized to optimize utilization (17% increase in volumes without increased resources) and a positive patient experience. Appointment check in begins by swiping a health card or scanning a barcode received during online check in using our patient portal. Devices are quick (40 seconds for the process), patient-friendly with easy-to-follow instructions and available in many languages. Staff and volunteers are also available in proximity for assistance. The new system prevents duplication of information entry, saving patients 12 minutes per visit as well as increased data quality. In conclusion, an innovative approach to implementing an existing technology has presented comparatively increased adoption rate and greater success.


Lindsay A Lankin – Mackenzie Health

Al Itwar – Patient Partner, Mackenzie Health




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