31. Leadership unscripted (Workshop)

Leadership in Healthcare can be a challenging time, and how one reacts in the moment can be vital to the interaction and the outcome. Poor communication increases the risk of error tenfold, and poor teamwork accounts for a large number of inaccuracies in a healthcare setting (BC simulation network, 2019). Having the ability to mitigate this risk in the moment is crucial for leaders, and healthcare professionals. Leadership Unscripted is an adaptation of improvisational theatre principles and exercises to enhance communication and elicit reflection in action responses. The practice of reflection in action is a more advanced skill, which benefits from intentional practice. This innovative way of communicating with reflection will allow leaders and practitioners to create in the moment decisions based on each individual interaction. Starting out with the foundations of improvisation participants will have the opportunity to practice responding to the unknown by improving their ability to recognize non-verbal cues, enhance listening skills and practice responding effectively. This will include improvisational exercises focused on effective communication when there is time pressures, speaking to create better understanding, and skilled listening for better outcomes. The advanced skill of reflection in action will be addressed and practiced by using real life leadership scenarios, where participants can practice the skills they learned. The workshop facilitators have extensive experience in both leadership healthcare and improvisation and create a fun and safe space for the participants to practice and learn. The skills learned will be able to translate into everyday leadership and healthcare interactions.


Tia Niedjalski – Camosun College

Richard Boness – Camosun College

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