27. Working with funders and innovators to create a testing bed environment in a clinical setting for achieving evaluation outcomes and informing commercialization (Panel)


Innovation in healthcare will be discussed from two perspectives: 1) international innovators seeking to test their products in a clinical ‘real-world’ setting to facilitate commercialization in Canada, 2) rehabilitation and LTC professionals who work with innovators and funders to create the clinical testing bed for developing evidence.  Participants will learn about the factors that facilitate collaboration of healthcare professionals and innovators to co-design evaluations, generate evidence and inform market entry and commercialization in Canada.


With the growing elderly population and pressures to provide quality care and support ageing-in-place, West Park (WP) identified the opportunity to take a leadership role in healthcare innovation by identifying change requirements that will contribute to adoption of the right technologies for patients and clinicians.  WP has taken a deliberate approach to creating an environment conducive to innovator engagement through a number of initiatives: broad engagement of staff/patients; embedded work stations within clinical units to facilitate spontaneous and scheduled interactions between innovators and clinicians; seeking funding to support evaluation activities; and creating a culture of innovation from senior leadership to frontline staff and clinicians.  Activities are designed and monitored throughout to ensure alignment with the WP Strategic Plan.


With Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation and Ontario Centres of Excellence funding, and by leveraging internal expertise and external stakeholders, WP has developed a number of partnerships to test innovations: an immersive exercise experience to promote reminiscence and socialization; a bed to reduce falls, pressure ulcers and nursing injuries; an automated medication dispenser for home use; an artificial intelligence solution to detect falls and aggression among brain injury inpatients; and remote patient monitoring in the community.


Attendees will gain an understanding of factors that contribute to creating a welcoming clinical testing bed environment from the perspectives of healthcare professionals, funders and innovators.  Attendees will learn practical approaches to engagement activities designed to provide innovators with a broad range of expertise and insight to interpret the clinical evidence and procurement factors needed to understand how best to position their products for market entry and commercialization in Canada.


Leaders will learn about changes that can be implemented to facilitate local and systems-level innovation: process (eg, integrating innovation into clinical workflows and care planning); staff (eg, training, opportunities to become champions and change agents; clinical leader engagement; senior team endorsement); organization (eg, innovation infrastructure, strategic plan alignment).


Learnings will contribute to an understanding of how to engage management, staff and patients to implement and test innovations in a ‘real-world’ setting, with the goals of improving the process for integrated clinical testing and post-testing commercialization.


Jan Walker – West Park Healthcare Centre

Jon Ingar Kjenes – Motitech




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