24. Creating change at an organizational level (Orals)

Integrating storytelling as a powerful tool for corporate culture, change and learning

Storytelling is a powerful, and often untapped, organizational tool in achieving strategic goals beyond the traditional public relations and reputational benefits. This session will demonstrate how an integrated storytelling approach can play a strategic role in helping health care organizations engage stakeholders; build organizational culture and manage change; support sense-making and shared understanding; and enhance learning in support of patient health and quality improvement. Using a brand journalism approach, Covenant Health’s digital storytelling platform, TheVitalBeat.ca, acts as the anchor for an integrated storytelling approach that successfully reaches patients, families, care teams, media and other stakeholders through multiple platforms, including social media, to support organizational goals.  Drawing on examples from this experience, this session will help leaders identify opportunities to use a storytelling approach to support team and organizational strategic goals and uncover the basic ingredients of powerful storytelling to engage others and achieve results.


Fran Ross – Covenant Health

Jon Popowich – Covenant Health


An ‘organizational approach’ to embedding patient/caregiver engagement in a multi-site centre: The importance of leadership

St. Joseph’s Health Care London is a leading centre dedicated to providing exemplary care for patients, residents, and caregivers. The development of a corporate Care Partnership Framework highlights the importance of patients and caregivers as essential partners in care planning and organizational improvements. The framework provides overarching guidance for embedding engagement strategies across St. Joseph’s – from re-designing space, to developing new care processes, to purchasing equipment. The involvement of leadership, from the Board to frontline, has been pivotal for organizational change. A shift in culture and improved patient/caregiver experience was seen as a result of strong leadership support, the use of co-design principles, and the implementation of new tools and resources. Engagement principles have been embedded into everyday practice through tools, processes, and skill development, to support sustainability.


Jacobi Elliott – St. Joseph’s Health Care London

Roy Butler – St. Joseph’s Health Care London

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