22. Transforming Palliative Care – Every Leader’s Responsibility (Workshop)

Since 2000, Pallium Canada has been training primary and generalist-level health care professionals (e.g. physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, etc.) on the essential skills and competencies of the palliative care approach in its Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative Care (LEAP). Our research has identified that health care professionals, across professions and care settings, have reported encountering internal barriers and lack of support from leadership within their organizations to use their new skills and implement a palliative care approach.

Health care administrators, leaders, and policymakers are critical to improving palliative care in Canada, but have not had access to important knowledge and training on the principles and benefits of the palliative care approach and how to effectively integrate palliative care in organizations, health services, and regions they manage.

Health care leaders will learn the essential role they play in implementing a palliative care approach across the Canadian health system and how they can build capacity within their leadership teams to lead this change.

The workshop will focus on 2 to 3 modules of Pallium Canada’s LEAP Leaders course—a course currently in development with the Canadian College of Health Leaders that integrates palliative care and quality improvement content leveraging the LEADS leadership framework. Participants will discuss the principles of the palliative care approach; benefits to integrating palliative care in their respective systems; and impact of the palliative care approach on health system and palliative care indicators.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
– Describe the palliative care context and benefits of implementing a palliative care approach
– Identify the impact of the palliative care approach on health system transformation
– Identify initial opportunities and barriers within their respective systems to accelerating change
– Engage colleagues in discussions around the importance of a palliative care approach for their respective organization.

This is an opportunity for health care leaders to contribute their perspectives and insight on 2-3 key modules of the LEAP Leaders course prior to finalization. Participants will be able to share strategies and solutions to one of Canada’s most formidable health care challenges. Participation and feedback will be directly applied to course improvement.

Participants will be engaged through large and small group discussion and hands-on activities.

Healthcare innovation and advancing better patient outcomes is predicated on our health care system’s ability to respond and adapt to the current Canadian context—that of an aging population with increasing prevalence of chronic conditions. Improving the quality and accessibility of palliative care results in greater efficiencies for the health care system and greater satisfaction among patients and families. This workshop will help participants identify and debate current system opportunities and barriers to implementing palliative care innovations and the role they play to enable quality improvement and accelerate health system change in palliative care resulting in better health outcomes for Canadians.


Jeffrey B Moat – Pallium Canada




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