20. Intentional digital health solutions: Building a Culture of Safety and Highly Reliable Care (Orals)

This session will build upon Tim Blake and Dr. Michael Leonard’s morning plenary presentations. This session will focus on discussion between the panelists and the session participants.

Intentional Innovational: Why Great Digital Health Solutions Don’t Happen By Accident

This is an exciting time to be involved in healthcare.  An unprecedented amount of energy is going into innovation and healthcare system improvement using many of the elements of digital health.

But does some of this innovation risk making healthcare worse?  More data silos, solutions that don’t integrate into existing clinical workflow, and growing administrative requirements create innovation fatigue and contribute to physician burnout.

In this session you can hear more about what digital health actually is, how it differs from eHealth, and how our digital health interventions must be precise and intentional models of care, supporting clinicians and having a deep understanding of current clinical cultures, workflows and incentivisation models.


Tim Blake – Managing Director, Semantic Consulting



Leveraging Digital Technology to Accelerate Building a Culture of Safety and Highly Reliable Care

Highly Reliable Care requires effective leadership, a culture of safety and continuous learning and improvement. This session will describe a systematic framework for achieving such and the role of LENS, a digital technology, as a valuable component for accelerating and sustaining organizational learning. Participants will understand an effective framework and practical tools and techniques that can be readily applied in virtually any care setting upon the conclusion of this session.


Dr. Michael Leonard – Managing Partner, Safe & Reliable Healthcare

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