2. Strategic planning from the inside-out: How to use the voice of the patient as a differentiator (Workshop)

Topic Overview:

At no other point in history has patient choice been more important. With health information literally at the fingertip, patients are well-informed – and occasionally misinformed – about the provision of care. Enhanced access to information has led to more choices – and, ultimately, heightened expectations for care. These expectations do not relate solely to the bedside; they include everything from parking to wayfinding to interactions with clinicians and Physicians – and everything in-between.

Deeply understanding the Patient Experience: how patients ‘consume’ programs, services – facilities – is critically important to the long-term development of healthcare organizations. In short: it is a key differentiator. The ability for patients to choose one hospital, or program, over another, is influenced by their experience and the experience of those around them.

Therefore, embedding knowledge of Patient Experience – and the impact of that Experience – into Strategic Planning, is critical. To rally around aspirations to be best-in-class, organizations must seek to deeply understand the wants, needs, expectations – and experiences – of the people they care for. This is “Patients First” Strategic Planning.

Unlike traditional approaches to Strategic Planning which gathers feedback from a broad variety of stakeholders, a “Patients First” approach anchors organizational strategy to the wants/needs/pains/gains of patients and their families. Organizations which “Plan with the Patient in Mind” will not only differentiate their organization from their peers – their patients will have better treatment outcomes, be more satisfied, have shorter lengths of stay and will have a better overall experience.


Susan (Sue) Owen – Impreza Consulting

Nicola (Nicki) Morris – The Neoteric Group



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