18. Collaboration to improve the patient experience (Orals)

Improving Wait Times through a Collaborative and Interprofessional Bold Strategy

Nova Scotia has the longest wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery. Across the Country the national benchmarks for this type of surgery has been established at six months. Long waits can lead to significant declines in a patient’s health, quality of life and a decrease in odds of a better than expected outcome. Waiting for hip or knee replacement is not a benign process, it is an inconvenience. A multi-pronged innovative and interprofessional strategy was implemented in collaboration with the Department of Health and Wellness to drive system transformation through a new provincial and strategic approach to surgical care with the introduction of a “wellness model”. The first year’s results indicated a shorter length of stay, decreased readmissions and a definite improved patient experience. Patients felt they were better informed, had more options, truly enjoyed group exercise classes and mobilizing sooner.


Marcy Saxe-Braithwaite – Nova Scotia Health Authority 

Saxe Braithwaite


Transforming Surgical Services for Total Joint Replacement Patients

This presentation focuses on how patient care was transformed for those undergoing total joint replacement surgery in order to significantly improve patient access and experience with their care. Through a collaborative partnership, Island Health and ReBalanceMD, a multidisciplinary musculoskeletal Clinic in Victoria, B.C., transformed traditional service delivery for the orthopedic surgical patient and advanced information systems to improve patient care. The end result has been the seamless integration of services from physician referral through to coordinated post-operative physiotherapy. Through patient navigation, online patient communication and education modules, patient experience has been improved with wait times significantly reduced. This represents a successful example of how disruptive innovation that is thoughtful and collaborative can be used to transform service delivery models.


Alison Dormuth – Island Health

Stefan Fletcher – ReBalanceMD 




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