1. Technology in healthcare: Are we all on the same page? (Panel)

Emerging technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and could transform the way we deliver healthcare. The adoption of these technologies can support patient safety, streamline communication between providers, and reduce inefficiencies. Despite the benefits technology can provide, several barriers exist including cost, openness to change, interoperability, understanding of cybersecurity and a common understanding of its use.

As innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), telemedicine, and personalized medicine emerge, how well do we understand the alignment of perspectives regarding common understanding and willingness to adopt technology between health administrators, providers and patients?

The objective of this session will be to (1) increase one’s understanding of the various perspectives on technology and cybersecurity and how those views differ by stakeholder group and leadership level, (2) increase self-awareness on adopting technology and (3) better envision the future of healthcare with further technology adoptions.

To understand the varying perspectives among healthcare administrators, providers, and patients on the adoption of technology to support patient care, an environmental scan will be conducted. This will be done through an electronic survey based on the LEADs framework domains and will be distributed across the Emerging Health Leaders network.

Through engaging all healthcare leadership levels, providers, and patients, Emerging Health Leaders will conduct a comparative analysis on survey results to gather insights on key themes regarding the use of technology in healthcare including:

  • Comfort level of using technology to support patient care
  • Readiness to adopt technology
  • Perspective on how health outcomes will be affected by technology in the future
  • Barriers to adopting technology and how these can be overcome
  • Trust in the use of technology

Results of the environmental scan will be presented to set the context for a moderated panel discussion including speakers with the following perspectives: senior leader, emerging leader, healthcare provider, and patient.

Participants will be engaged through this session by participating in polling questions that will evaluate their own readiness to adopt technology in the health system using a readiness ruler.

Participants will have an increased understanding of how different leadership levels and roles within the health field view, trust, use, and adopt technology based on the results of a comparative analysis. In addition, participants will have an increased self-awareness of their current readiness to adopt technology. Increased self-awareness and better understanding of health system planners’, providers’ and users’ perspectives will support participants’ future approaches to implementing technology.

Technology is rapidly advancing in the health industry and it is important to understand the readiness of each stakeholder group in adopting such innovations. This session will provide an overview of the similarities and differences of perspectives between health administrators, providers, and patients to support future technology planning and implementation.


Dr. Ted Scott – Hamilton Health Sciences

Michelle Moonesar – Mississauga Halton LHIN, Emerging Health Leader

Theresa Tang – Alberta Medical Association, Emerging Health Leader

Suzanne Irwin – Patient with Lived Experience




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