Study Tour

Sunday, June 3

09:00 – 12:00

Patient Flow Visualization

Like many other Canadian Healthcare organizations, Eastern Health has issues with patient flow which are demonstrated by high numbers of ALC Days and excessive Lengths of Stay in Acute Care that do not align with Expected Lengths of Stay from National Benchmarks. Poor communication among health care teams leads directly to inadequate patient flow through the system. A Kaizen event was initiated with the goal of improving communication among the various disciplines involved in a patient’s care. That resulted in:

• an electronic visualization tool rapidly built at the Gemba (workplace) that collates data from various clinical systems to improve communication;
• process improvement actions to identify & remedy gaps in data needed to ease patient movement through the system.

An early focal point was electronically documenting an Estimated Date of Discharge (EDD) upon patient admission to act as a trigger for action by team members. The process improvement actions established the behaviours and procedures to collect an EDD upon admission, the visualization tool relayed that EDD to the various team members so they can better plan their work. Outcomes so far include improvements in information flow and increased engagement. During your tour at the Health Sciences Centre the multidisciplinary “Patient Flow Lean Team” will tour you through their Gemba, highlighting learnings, concentrating on repeated experimentation using the Plan, Do, Check, Act(PDCA) methodology. The tour will end with a full demonstration on how the new “Cockpit” Patient Flow Management tool is enabling Eastern Health in achieving its Expected Length of Stay(ELOS) assignments linked to national benchmarks.

The cost of the tour is $50.00 + HST. The tour is limited to 24 participants, two groups of 12.

09:30 – 11:30 & 13:00 – 15:00

The St. John’s: The downtown healthcare collaborative – partnering to deliver primary health care in the heart of our capital city

The heart of historic downtown St. John’s is not unlike many urban centers in that its streets are home to some of our provinces most vulnerable and at-risk populations. Recognizing that the needs of these populations are complex, a group of passionate organizations came together in 2015 to look to improve the health and wellbeing of people served. The Downtown Healthcare Collaborative is a partnership between The Gathering Place, Choices for Youth, Stella Burry Community Services, End Homelessness St. John’s, Salvation Army New Hope Clinic, Memorial University School of Medicine and Eastern Health. Working together with a shared vision to improve the health and wellbeing of an underserviced vulnerable population in the downtown core, the goal of DHCC is to foster independence, self-respect and dignity of individuals and families affected by mental illness and addiction, housing insecurity, and economic instability.

Further interdependence and personal growth are cultivated through a network of primary health care services providing health and social supports to a population at risk, marginalized and for whom the ‘traditional’ system of care and support does not work. 

Come visit our partner sites and learn about primary health care in action!

The cost of the tour is $50.00 + HST. The tour is limited to 25 participants per time slot.





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