Breakfast Sessions

Monday, June 4

07:15 – 08:15

It’s not winning or losing but how you play: our most impactful lessons for leaders in health reform

Strong leadership is a critical success factor in stimulating innovation and the large-scale change required to improve performance for patients and families.  As provinces engage in reform efforts, building health leadership capacity is an essential piece to modernizing our health workforce. Yet as initiatives unfold, leaders and the needed capabilities to facilitate innovation and large-scale change have been given limited profile and attention. Given this, the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet) has created a national working group to gather provincial leaders to stimulate change including doing a better job of leadership development. Three provinces will present their key strategies and lessons learned. Come join us for a candid conversation about your own restructure experience, what you learned, and what leaders need.

Gillian Kernaghan – St. Joseph’s Health Care, London
Carmelle d’Entremont – Nova Scotia Health Authority
Sharon Bishop – Saskatchewan Health Authority
Jude Udedibia – Alberta Health Services
Kelly Grimes – Executive Director, CHLNet
Graham Dickson – CHLNet Senior Policy Advisor

Please RSVP Melanie Abdelnour, to attend this session.


CIHI’s performance measurement framework: ensuring execution of the strategic plan

We developed CIHI’s Strategic Plan, 2016 to 2021 following extensive stakeholder consultations; we strategically aligned decisions with our vision and values; and we are taking action to deliver. So how do we measure our progress in achieving CIHI’s strategic priorities over time?

This session will highlight how CIHI developed its Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and performance indicators that align with CIHI’s strategic plan. We will share how the PMF helps us to:

– Stay focused on the right path;
– Meet stakeholder needs by utilizing stakeholder feedback in our indicators;
– Demonstrate how CIHI is contributing to population health and health system improvements; and 
– Inform CIHI’s Board of Directors of our progress against the strategic plan.

This session will also set the stage for a concurrent session where we will shine a light on the challenges and rewards of implementing and operationalizing the PMF.

To register for this session please email us at

Keith Denny – Director, Clinical Data Standards and Quality, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Sandra Mitchell – Manager, Governance and Strategy, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Francine Anne Roy – Director, Strategy and Operations, Canadian Institute for Health Information 


People Powered Health: Patient engagement for better health outcomes

Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada are two organizations with one mission: to unleash the power and potential of people who share our passion for achieving quality health services for all. Rigorous consensus-based, evidence-informed standards are the basis of any great assessment program. By embedding people-centred care into HSO standards and AC assessments, organizations gain a deeper understanding of people’s needs, creating a better culture, better experience and better outcomes. HSO is embedding the patient voice into our world-class standards by incorporating patients and families as full and equal members of our standard development technical committees to ensure that their voice is reflected to improve quality and safety. AC has introduced new assessment models, such as patient surveyors and patient journeys, to better assess active person-centred engagement at the direct-care, organizational and systems levels. Join our CEO, Leslee J. Thompson as she speaks to our People Powered Health™ movement!

Please use this link to register: or call 1-800-814-7769 (317)

Leslee J. Thompson – CEO, Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada


The Big Data Journey – The Pathway to Quality, Safety and Efficiency in Supporting Patient Care through Innovative Procurement and Adaptive Leadership

Traditionally relinquished to the back rooms and basements of hospitals, regulators and decision makers are increasingly seeing the role of procurement and supply chain as an enabler to achieve innovative and value-based procurement.

Achieving this is no easy feat – it requires organizations to harness the power of supply chain data, integrate it with clinical data to enable tracking of outcomes, monitor contracts and agreements achieved through value based procurement and support the reporting on outcomes at the patient level.

During this breakfast session, the audience will learn about the changes organizations must make to their processes to successfully achieve this transformation.

Please RSVP to to attend this session.

Jitendra Prasad – Chief Program Officer, Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management, Alberta Health Services


Innovation and Business Intelligence Drives SmartCare to Improve Patient Outcomes

At Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH), SmartCare describes innovation and the tools that support a culture of innovation. MSH values innovation as an enabler to deliver patient care that is more efficient, more convenient, better coordinated, and smarter. SmartCare is providing the right care to the right patient at the right cost. 

As part of their strategic plan, MSH launched an Office of Innovation in 2016 to foster a culture of innovation; support their people and patient experience strategies; advance quality and performance indicators; and embed innovations into practice. In this presentation, practical examples of innovation will be highlighted that have made a significant difference in the lives of patients. 

Learn how MSH’s implementation of a business intelligence (BI) tool has become a critical piece of the hospital’s innovation portfolio. It allows the hospital to learn quickly from data collected about patients, take that learning and deploy it literally the next day in the form of actions that would improve the patient experience and provide sustainable care. Ultimately, the insights gained drive clinical performance, increase physician engagement, and enhance the patience experience. 

RSVP responses for the breakfast session can be directed to

Grace Auh – Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Markham Stouffville Hospital
Tara Myshrall – Canadian Healthcare Account Executive, Information Builders (Canada) Inc.
Tim Jenkins – Director, Financial Planning and Business Analytics Markham Stouffville Hospital


Tuesday, June 5

07:15 – 08:15

The 2017 Great Canadian Health Care Debate Winner, a National Affordable and Supportive Housing Strategy for Seniors, Reflects on the Year Through a LEADS Lens 

The development of a “National Affordable and Supportive Housing Strategy for Seniors” focused on the provision of supportive, community (whether assisted, congregate, long-term care or home) living, emerged as the top priority, with 53% of the audience vote, in the Great Canadian Health Care Debate held at the National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, June 2017.

Sponsored by Amy Porteous, Vice President of Public Affairs, Planning and Family Medicine at Bruyère Continuing Care, the priority urged ministries of health and infrastructure communities to move with a strategy to work together to create affordable living communities with supports.

One year later, join Amy as she reflects on the year since winning the debate using a LEADS lens.  An update on LEADS evidence, uptake and distribution will also be provided.

To register, email Brianna Lavoy at

Amy Porteous – VP, Public Affairs, Planning and Family Medicine, Bruyère Continuing Care
Brenda Lammi – Director, LEADS Canada, Canadian College of Health Leaders

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We can’t afford to be patient with patient safety

Some say patience is a virtue. However, when 1 in every 18 hospital stays results in a harmful event, we can ill afford to be patient. Join CPSI CEO Chris Power as she outlines the need for action to improve the safety of healthcare in Canada, why our healthcare system ranks 9th in the world according to a 2017 study by the Commonwealth Fund, and what we can do to improve. By the end of the session, participants will have a new understanding of the state of patient safety in Canada and how CPSI’s bold new strategy Patient Safety: Right Now is poised to make a difference.

To register, email Barbara LeFort at indicating how many seats you require.

Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute 


Becoming an organization at the forefront of health care language access!

For many years, in Canada, as elsewhere in the world, health organizations have had to innovate in order to remove barriers to access to quality and safe services in a minority language situation. Among these innovations, the establishment of linguistic accessibility standards is very promising.

The Health Standards Organization (HSO) and the Société Santé en français (SSF) are collaborating towards the creation of the Organizational Competency Recognition Program and the Communication in Minority Language Situations standards to assess the quality of linguistically adapted services among health service providers. Amongst the objectives of this project, HSO is in the process of creating a standard on Communication in Minority Language Situations, which is aimed specifically at improving the access of Canada’s two official linguistic minorities (French outside Quebec and English within Quebec) to quality health and social services along the continuum of care.

The session will provide participants with an overview of this new standard of quality and access. This session will present the effect of the standard in the delivery of health services, the tools that will support the implementation of the standard, and finally the success as well as the impact of the standard in affected communities.

A breakfast not to be missed for all health equity enthusiasts!

Please RSVP to Serivanh Phonekeo, to attend this session.

Sébastien Audette, President, Health Standards Organization
Amy Pack, Program Manager, Health Standards Organization
Michel Tremblay, General Director, Société Santé en français


The Humboldt Tragedy  Reflections on Leadership, Care and Compassion

Nothing draws Canadians together like crisis – and the tragedy surrounding the Humboldt Broncos crash was no different. Responding to this event required Healthcare professionals to pull together in an unprecedented way – and there are stories of leadership and heroism. 

Join Suann Laurent, COO from Saskatchewan Health Authority in an interactive breakfast session. As leader of the coordinated response, Suann will share leadership ‘lessons learned’. Space is limited. 

To register, email Brianna Lavoy at

Suann Laurent – Chief Operating Officer, Saskatchewan Health Authority

Feisal Keshavjee, CHE – Board Chair, Canadian College of Health Leaders

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