Breakfast Sessions

Monday, June 12

07:15 – 08:15

Adding value by professionalizing the practice of leadership

Established in 1970, the College Canadian College of Health Leaders’ role is evolving and the College is putting its vision of Advancing Leadership: Shaping Health Systems into practice.  Join us to learn how the College is contributing to health system transformation and professionalizing of leadership through its work as we answer the questions: What value does the use of the LEADS in a Caring Environment framework as a common language bring to leadership in Canada?  How is the use of LEADS changing leadership practice in Canada?  Can a LEADS lens be used to advance improvements in challenging agendas? Can patient safety be enhanced by reframing the role of senior leadership and governance and their importance for enabling cultures that focus on safety and improvement?

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Brenda Lammi – Director, LEADS Operations, Canadian College of Health Leaders
Sylvie Deliencourt – Director, Professional Development and Certification, Canadian College of Health Leaders
Ray Racette, CHE – President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders

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Critical infrastructure and cyber security: Risks and potential responses for the health sector

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities provide essential services to Canadians. The healthcare system is increasingly vulnerable to critical infrastructure risks that could compromise the ability of the system to do its job of caring for patients in times of need. These risks run the gamut from natural disasters, power failures and disease outbreaks to degrading physical plant infrastructure, cyber attacks and acts of terror. Any of these events can cripple Canada’s healthcare system and threaten the health and safety of Canadians. Canada’s hospitals and healthcare facilities are taking important steps to respond to these challenges. The system needs to be prepared to respond to these threats when they arise.

Join HealthCareCAN, representatives from Public Safety Canada and experts from the field at this breakfast panel on critical infrastructure and cyber security. Learn about the federal mandate around critical infrastructure and cyber security and how this translates to the health sector. Hear what key informants had to say about the risks and vulnerabilities facing the healthcare sector and our state of readiness for addressing threats. Learn also what HealthCareCAN members had to say about the importance of cyber security and the incidence of cyberattacks in their facilities. Hear what hospital leaders and boards need to be considering with respect to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure. And join our discussion on where Canada’s healthcare organizations can move forward on modernizing critical infrastructure assets and systems to ensure a more secure healthcare system for all.

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Ms. Colleen Merchant – Director General, National Cyber Security Directorate, Public Safety Canada
Dr. Jennifer Zelmer – President, Asimuth Health Group
Mr. Kevin Magee – Board of Directors, Brant Community Healthcare System; Global Security Strategist, Gigamon; Cybersecurity governance advisor


Improving medication management and safety through PrescribeIT™, a multi-jurisdiction e-prescribing service

Medication management is an area of increasing concern for Canada’s healthcare leaders.  Prescription drug abuse – now a leading public health and safety concern for all jurisdictions – results in lost productivity, crime and adverse health outcomes.  Between 2000 and 2010, Canadians’ use of prescription opioids increased by 203% and today Canada is the world’s second largest per capita consumer of narcotics and prescription opioids.  In response, Minister of Health Dr. Jane Philpott has launched Canada’s Action on Opioid Misuse, and as part of that, has called for the creation of Infoway’s e-prescribing service to help reduce opioid misuse.  Start your day by learning about the significant progress made on PrescribeIT™, Infoway’s multi-jurisdiction e-prescribing service that will enable prescribers to electronically transmit a prescription to a patient’s pharmacy of choice while safeguarding personal health information. The session will also highlight Infoway’s contribution to Health Canada’s Joint Action Plan to Address the Opioid Crisis.

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Michael Green – President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway
Lynne Zucker – VP Clinical Systems Integration, Canada Health Infoway


Using patient-reported data to improve patient-centered, value-based care 

This session will showcase results from international and national patient-reported experience surveys and feature examples of:

– How this data is being used in healthcare systems; and
– How patient-reported experience measures (PREMs) can inform patient-centered, value-based care delivery and inform clinical and policy decision-making.

CIHI’s leadership in the areas of standards development, uptake and use will also be highlighted. As well, participants will be treated to a look at results of the first pan-Canadian PREMs survey for approximately five jurisdictions and at how patient care experiences compare internationally and nationally.

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Georgina MacDonald – Vice President, Western Canada and Developmental Initiatives
Kira Leeb – Director, Health System Performance, Canadian Institute for Health Information
Rick Sawatzky – PhD, RN Associate Professor, Trinity Western University


Tuesday, June 13

07:15 – 08:15

What are the key ingredients in a secret sauce for leadership development?

The Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet), a value network of 40 organizations from across the country, believes health leadership is a key enabler of health system performance and transformation.  Canadian healthcare is often cited as being innovation rich and spread poor. Leadership is seen to be an essential ingredient in creating an environment for change but how to do this?  Join us to hear from several of CHLNet’s partners where leadership development is thriving and is a key strategy for transformation.  Engage in a conversation with us about the key ingredients in the secret sauce for maximum impact of leadership development: so that we can begin to develop an evidence-based approach that best builds value for the system (and stops doing the things that don’t work!).

Please RSVP to Lynda Becker, CHLNet at to attend this session.

Gillian Kernaghan –CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London
Graham Sher – CEO, Canadian Blood Services
Valerie St. John – Lead, BC Health Leadership Development & Engagement Collaborative
Kelly Grimes – Executive Director, CHLNet
Stevie Colvin – Alberta Health Services



The By Health, for Health Collaborative – Taking action toward creating psychologically healthy and safe Canadian healthcare settings

In June 2016 the By Health, for Health Collaborative was formed to advance workplace psychological health and safety in Canadian healthcare settings. In partnership with HealthCareCAN and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, membership in the Collaborative encompasses over 20 hospitals and healthcare organizations from across Canada. This accounts for nearly 270,000 health sector employees (including physicians and nurses) across 10 provinces and one territory.

The Collaborative wants to share its experience, its vision, and its plans with you. Hear about the concrete actions and commitment of the Collaborative to lead the advancement of mental health in Canadian healthcare settings. Learn from champion organizations and dedicated emerging champions that are blazing the trail. Connect with other health leaders who have the same priorities and interests as you. Return to your organization with a better understanding of what’s at stake for your organization, your employees and ultimately your patients. Learn how you can begin to move the markers and learn about the tools and resources that will help. Join us and declare your commitment to making Canadian healthcare settings psychologically healthy and safe places for our employees!

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Bill Tholl – President and CEO, HealthCareCAN
Ed Mantler – Vice President, Programs and Priorities, Mental Health Commission of Canada
Sandy Coughlin – Providence Health Care, Member Co-Chair, By Health, for Health Collaborative
Matt Snyder, CHE – Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Member Co-Chair, By Health, for Health Collaborative

On the move and building a movement!

Sharing breakfast and learnings!

Health Standards Organization (HSO) and Accreditation Canada (AC) are working side by side to change the way health care standards are created, and the way accreditation services are provided.

United under single leadership, HSO & AC are working on a global scale to empower people in their local jurisdictions to save and improve lives.

HSO specializes in the development of best-in-class standards, innovative assessment methodologies, and practical activation services and tools. AC plans and provides accreditation services to Canadian and international clients, helping people focus on what matters to them in their local context.

CEO Leslee J. Thompson will detail HSO’s new standards development process, the future of AC’s assessment programs, and how People Powered Health™ can help you and your organization achieve quality health services for all.

Please RSVP to Nancy Viljean at to attend this session.

Leslee J. Thompson, CHE – CEO, Accreditation Canada





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