Travel Award Eligibility

With support from the conference’s title sponsor Sodexo, the Travel Award provides an opportunity for a member of a patient representative organization to attend the 2019 National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) and to share their learnings. It is also hoped that the award recipient will be motivated to take on leadership roles and increase their advocacy opportunities and efforts.

Patient applicants must: 
• Belong to a not-for-profit, patient representative organization 
• Not be affiliated with government, a healthcare provider or business, or hold a paid position

Preference will be given to applicants who: 
• Have patient advocacy experience and activities 
• Have not previously received a NHLC Travel Award or attended NHLC 
• Have an abstract accepted for presentation at NHLC 2019
• Submitted an abstract for NHLC 2019

Eligible expenses may include: 
• Airfare, train, bus or private vehicle 
• Hotel accommodation 
• Taxis or parking 

Requests for Travel Awards must contain: 
• Brief summary of interests and accomplishments 
• Description of anticipated benefits from attending NHLC 2019
• Letter of recommendation or endorsement from the patient representative organization’s executive member (e.g., President, Vice-President, CEO) 

The maximum allowable Travel Award is $1,500. Award recipients must provide the NHLC Secretariat with their actual travel costs, supported with original receipts. NHLC may be unable to fund all applications for travel awards based on the number of applications submitted. 

Deadline for applications: Friday, March 15, 2019

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