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The 2019 National Health Leadership Conference (NHLC) is in the books and while the Toronto Raptors’ run to the NBA championship provided a thrilling backdrop, there were also many exciting sessions focused on innovation and advancing better health outcomes. 

Please find below the link to a PDF report that summarizes all plenary sessions, the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate and many concurrent sessions

NHLC Final report

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Looking back on NHLC 2019

Click on the links below to explore topics from NHLC 2019, expanding on the theme “Healthcare innovation: Advancing better outcomes and economic growth”. New articles will be available every two weeks.

Plenary Session: Healthcare innovation: Advancing better outcomes and economic growth

Plenary Session: Great Canadian Healthcare Debate

Plenary Session: Unleashing the power of innovation: Perspectives on digital health

Plenary Session: Empowering a multi-generational workforce: Leveraging AI insights to enhance teamwork and engagement

Concurrent Session #2: Strategic planning from the inside-out: How to use the voice of the patient as a differentiator

Concurrent Session #5: Measuring for improvement using leadership metrics and performance measures

Concurrent Session #6: Healthcare organizations of the future and smart healthcare centres

Concurrent Session #11: Circles of Change – Bringing Indigenous-inspired co-design to your organization

Concurrent Session #12: Advancing better outcomes by focusing on change. Partnerships, power and professionals. The role of physicians in healthcare reform

Concurrent Session #15: Leveraging partnerships to support large scale adoption of quality and safety best practices

Concurrent Session #19: Caring for healthcare workers, a vision for the future

Concurrent Session #20: Intentional digital health solutions: Building a culture of safety and highly reliable care

Concurrent Session #23: The rural road map for action: Health organizations working together to enhancehealthcare close to home and stimulate rural and remote Canada’s economic potential

Concurrent Session #26: Empowering women leaders in health

Concurrent Session #28: Leading practices in patient engagement for improved patient safety

Concurrent Session #29: Value by design: Identifying promising innovations in a Canadian context

















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