2. Physician engagement

Strategies for transformational change: Harnessing our collective strength

In 2015, Ontario’s Anesthesiologists set out to develop leadership capacity within the workforce in order to elevate the specialty’s profile as change leaders during this time of system transformation. A workshop series was developed and delivered in 2017 entitled: Health System Fundamentals & Applied Change Leadership. The curriculum was revised yearly to reflect participant needs and ongoing system changes. 150 physicians have completed the workshop series. 27 quality improvement projects are in progress: process improvement, patient outcomes, collaborative practice. The process of curriculum design, implementation, evaluation, and continual improvement, as well as challenges encountered, successes and future steps will be discussed. This successful approach to physician engagement and empowerment via strategic educational intervention, can be applied to any frontline healthcare team.


Natalie Clavel – University Health Network


Physician Leadership Coaching in a Primary Care Network Using the “LEADS In A Caring Environment” Framework 

Doctors are increasingly taking on leadership roles to effect change in primary care. It is important to support doctors to ensure the challenges of leadership are met. This talk outlines an approach to executive coaching for physician leaders using the “LEADS in a Caring Environment” framework to help doctors be effective clinicians and leaders. Coaching was used to support physician leaders around issues such as communication, relationships, time-management and burnout. A post-coaching survey showed that coaching helped doctors set and achieve leadership goals with more confidence and enhanced ability to provide good care. Coaching with LEADS can be an effective tool to support leadership growth for doctors, reduce burnout, and indirectly impact patient care. Although feedback showed the value of coaching in supporting individual physician leaders, participants also identified system-related issues that impact leadership and burnout.


Heather Toporowski – Executive Coach

Elizabeth Pedersen – Executive Coach

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