11. Circles of Change Workshop – Bringing Indigenous-Inspired Co-Design to Your Organization (Atelier)

How can Indigenous culture and values inspire continuous quality improvement and systems transformation at your organization?

Inspiration is everywhere. The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) recently redesigned their previously linear accreditation model to one based around the Circle of Life – a holistic, continuous process from pre-natal to end of life that highlights interdependencies throughout the health system during the four-year accreditation cycle. The model incorporates four quadrants within the Circle: East (a new beginning), South (life), West (healing) and North (wisdom). The center circle of the model identifies the overall aim of health services – People Centered Care.

Start off by briefly learning from Asmita Gillani (Executive Director, Accreditation Canada) about new continuous accreditation models. Then flow into how the Saskatchewan Health Authority is reshaping their quality improvement and service delivery as part of a larger systems transformation, engaging all key stakeholders along the way. Hear Scott Livingstone (CEO, SHA), Andre Letendre (Cultural Advisor, SHA) and two Patient Advisors (SHA) share their first-hand accounts, challenges and lessons learned.

Next, work in small, facilitated breakout groups with support from patient and cultural advisors to identify gaps and opportunities in your organization. Share your findings and work together using blue sky, open-ended thinking to identify solutions that incorporate indigenous culture and values.

Finally, share with the larger group and work together to bring your solutions to a practical, implementable level. Leave inspired and equipped with strategies that you can start putting into action right away.


Asmita Gillani – Accreditation Canada

Scott Livingstone – Saskatchewan Health Authority

Heather Thiessen – Saskatchewan Health Authority

Brenda Andreas (Patient Advisor) – Saskatchewan Health Authority

Andre Letendre (Cultural Advisor) – Saskatchewan Health Authority




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