10. From volume to value: The view of the Ontario health team transformation from the trenches

With the creation of integrated local care delivery systems (Ontario Health Teams), Ontario is undertaking what many have characterized as the most significant transformation in the history of Canadian healthcare. Government is looking to shift financial risk to providers through shared risk funding models and capitated payments, following lessons from the ACO experience in the United States. All Ontarians will eventually be attributed to one OHT, which would enter into at at-risk contract with Ontario Health (the new ‘super agency’). At maturity, OHTs will be clinically accountable for outcomes and fiscally responsible for the total medical expense of a set of attributed patients (based on primary care enrolment).


This presentation will provide an overview of the OHT model and use the experience of the proposed Southlake Community OHT as a case study for how the sector is responding. The panelists will touch on:

–              Preparing for the economics of value-based care, capitated payments and shared risk

–              Multi-organizational governance for integrated care at scale

–              Primary care provider engagement and shifting care coordination and system navigation resources and functions to primary care

–              Shifting to a population health management strategic focus and designing / implementing integrated care management models

–              Developing a digital health strategy to promote electronic health information exchange across the continuum, patient access to records across institutions, and the spread of virtual care

–              Moving from reactive reporting to predictive analytics to support earlier intervention for patients and improved operational efficiency

–              Integrating data from partner organizations (and stitching in non-healthcare data as well) to better understand population health and introduce effective risk stratification for attributed patients

–              Understanding the distinction between the adaptive and technical competencies that are necessary for success


Jocelyne Verity – Southlake Regional Health Centre

Gayle Seddon – Southlake Regional Health Centre

Dr. David Makary – Southlake Regional Health Centre

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