2016 program

This conference is the largest national gathering of health system leaders in Canada and provides a forum for questions, debate and sharing strategies and solutions to the most pressing health system challenges. This year’s theme is Pathways to innovation and change.

The need for fundamental, transformational change in the Canadian healthcare system is widely recognized. Canada faces many healthcare system challenges that are driving the need for change, including the complexity of an aging population, slow economic growth, and retiring “baby boomer” health leaders. Opportunities provided by greater connectivity and new technologies, and the recognition of the importance of putting patients and families first, are also driving change and transformation.

Achieving and sustaining change is notoriously difficult. Change in the health system is unique and complex. Most transformation efforts fail to deliver and sustain change because of a failure to acknowledge the complexity of healthcare systems. In Canada, our track record for creating sustained and effective health system improvement, and adopting change and innovation, has been slow relative to that of our peers.

The conference will build on the 2015 theme, Driving a culture of engagement, innovation and improvement, and will galvanize the community around the importance of stimulating transformation and improvement through innovation and leadership excellence.

How do we create a “change culture,” harnessing organizational energy for transformational change? What are the necessary cultural and organizational factors that can lead to profound change and re-orient an organization in a new direction, taking it to an entirely different level of effectiveness? What must be done to fully engage, excite and enthuse staff, patients, families and others to embrace change and adopt a culture of continuous improvement? How do we ensure that patients and families play a catalytic role as partners for change?

Leadership – at all levels – plays an essential role in effective healthcare transformation and change. How do we create the conditions for leaders to thrive in changing and challenging times? How do we nurture and groom existing talent to replace retiring leaders? Change leaders play a pivotal role in building a commitment to transformation and creating a sense of shared purpose, an essential component in change programs. The most effective change leaders are often those who can build and use networks to create relationships and partnerships. What role do leaders play in the various stages of change, including preparing for change, implementing change, spreading change, and sustaining change?

NHLC 2016 calls upon health system leaders to work together like never before to put Canada’s healthcare system performance back at the top while putting the interests of patients and families first.

We encourage you to foster new ideas and partnerships by sharing experiences, guiding new initiatives and discovering creative solutions to ensure a healthy future for all Canadians.

Enjoy the conference!

Ray J. Racette, MHA,
CHE President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders

Bill Tholl, M.A., ICD.D
President and CEO, HealthCareCAN


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