2015 program

This conference is the largest national gathering of health system leaders in Canada and provides a forum for questions, debate and sharing strategies and solutions to the most pressing health system challenges.This year’s theme is Driving a culture of engagement, innovation and improvement.

Although there are pockets of high performance and innovative practice across the country, there is widespread recognition that Canada needs to create and sustain a culture of engagement and change to improve the performance of its health systems. Adoption of change and innovation has been slow, and Canada’s health systems, now declining in world rankings, have suffered as a consequence.This conference will build on the 2014 theme, Raising the bar: A critical time for bold leadership, and will galvanize the community around the pivotal role of leadership and a culture of engagement in driving change aimed at elevating Canada’s health system performance.

Leaders at all levels have a key role in cultivating a strong culture of engagement. Organizations with more engaged staff achieve better outcomes and experiences for the patients they serve. The conference will actively engage participants in better understanding the steps that leaders must take to nurture engagement, to create and instill a culture of change. What must be done to fully engage staff, patients, families and others to embrace change and encourage continuous improvement? What is the role of governors in fostering engagement and enabling system level improvement and innovation? To what extent do structural issues help or hinder a culture of innovation? How can governments create the winning conditions for innovation and change?

Leaders are essential for creating a culture of continuous improvement that embraces risk, explores new solutions, and ensures that successful innovative practices are pursued, adapted and adopted. Examples of excellence in innovation can be found from coast to coast and around the world. How do leaders identify the best new ideas, foster change, and create the forces to ensure the rapid spread of successful innovations throughout their own organizations and across jurisdictions in a systematic and intentional manner? How do they deal with boundaries and silos? How do they navigate often unpredictable and changing political environments? How do leaders at every level collaborate with other partners to change practice? How do we move from “innovation by accident” to “innovation by design”?

This year, we are pleased to introduce the Great Canadian Healthcare Debate.This Debate will offer health leaders and trustees attending NHLC a unique opportunity to debate and pass policy resolutions aimed at assisting policy-makers at all levels to raise the bar in designing solutions to the key healthcare policy challenges facing Canada.

We are pleased to offer the nursing leadership stream again this year as part of our overall program.This stream provides an opportunity to showcase nursing leadership initiatives as well as provide nurses the opportunity to dialogue with healthcare leaders in other disciplines.

We encourage you to foster new ideas and partnerships by sharing experiences, guiding new initiatives and discovering creative solutions to ensure a healthy future for all Canadians.

Enjoy the conference!

Ray J. Racette, MHA, CHE
President and CEO, Canadian College of Health Leaders

Bill Tholl, M.A., ICD.D
President and CEO, HealthCareCAN

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